• Waiting kills

    Happy New Year my dear readers. It's 2020, a whole new decade, just wow! I feel so old now. The beginning of 2019 wasn't easy, I just wasn't me and ...

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    Waiting kills
  • JOURNEY 001

    I invite beauty, money, creavity, red and good health to 2020 It's has been a minute since I wrote here, but I promise; I did not and I will ...

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    JOURNEY 001

    I went today to valokarnevaali (light carnival or something like that) with my friends. We had fun and we even went to one of the rides that was ...

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  • It’s a lifetime thing

    If you have followed me for a while both here and on youtube ( or scroll down to my oldest post) you will see that I hang out with the same people. ...

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    It’s a lifetime thing

    No work for three weeks, sounds great right? It can also get boring. Like mine. I was supposed to fly somewhere but I couldn't, because my passport is ...

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